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Wednesday, February 21, 2018
Saskatchewan. Building an innovative, thriving and sustainable economy.

Operators can read news and general information about Saskatchewan's oil and gas industry.

Find information circulars related to Crown royalty and freehold production tax structures, available drilling incentives and valuation policies applicable to crude oil and natural gas.

Find informstion about drilling incentives for oil and gas wells, and learn about incentives to encourage research and development in Saskatchewan's oil and gas industry.

Find information about Crown land oil and gas dispositions in Saskatchewan.

The mandate to ensure full and responsible development of Saskatchewan's oil and gas resources is set out in a number of Acts and Regulations and Minister's Orders regarding well spacing and production limitations and Environmental Protection. Further information on the Public Notices, Minister's Orders and Well/Facility Licences issued under The Oil and Gas Conservation Act are posted on the Public Notice and Minister's Order Bulletin Board, Daily Facility Bulletin and Daily Well Bulletins and Drilling Activity Reports.

Guidelines and instructions for completing licence applications related to pipelines and seismic exploration and explosive permits; along with Daily Well and Facility Bulletins.

Access mineral tenure, oil and gas, and geoscience information.

Read oil and gas news, bulletins, statustics and reports.

Find information about programs, directives and guidelines related to reporting and compliance for the oil and gas industry.

The Field Offices are responsible for delivering programs and enforcing the requirements specified under The Oil and Gas Conservation Regulations at the field level.

Information regarding oil and gas units in the province.

The Saskatchewan Geological Survey is responsible for investigating, compiling and maintaining information on the geology, and mineral and petroleum resources of the province.

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