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Friday, February 24, 2017
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In order to more accurately reflect provincial mineral occurrences, the SMDI has recently been updated. 

Updates include:

  • the addition of over 2000 new mineral showings, including showings in the southern portion of the province
  • historical data updates (disposition, domain, reserves/resources) and elimination of redundant data
  • standardized pick lists for improved searchability


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Searching the Saskatchewan Mineral Deposit Index

The Saskatchewan Mineral Deposit Index (SMDI) is a searchable database that contains individual reports on known mineral showings within Saskatchewan. Minimum cut-off values for cobalt, copper, gold, lead, molybdenum, nickel, silver, tungsten, uranium and zinc are used to determine if an individual showing will be entered into the database.

The deposit location search parameter is specified using the National Topographic System (NTS) geographic reference. When setting your search criteria, please view the Saskatchewan NTS Map, which has been overlaid with the NTS grid for reference.

The Mineral Deposit Index is searchable by:

  • SMDI Number
  • Showing Name
  • Location
  • Disposition
  • Commodity
  • Associated Commodity
  • Deposit Classification Data (Deposit Type, Deposit Status, and Deposit Classification)
  • Geological Domain
  • Geology of the Showing
  • Exploration History
  • Mineral Resource Assessment
  • Production/Reserves

The showing name search parameter refers to a common reference name that has been given to the deposit. For example, "Upper Phelps Lake Au showing" may be found by specifying "Upper" or "Phelps Lake". Users of the database search facilities are recommended to avoid the use of unqualified words such as "Lake" or "Showing" in their searches, as a large number of matching entries will exist.

Search parameters take the form of either text entry fields or drop-down lists.

Text entry fields are not case-sensitive and generally do not require the inclusion of any wildcard characters. Leaving a text entry field blank tells the search program to ignore the specific field when performing the search. The search program will automatically add wildcard characters to a search value to allow it to be found in any position within the specified search field. It may be necessary to use a wildcard character in the middle of a search value for specific searches. The valid wildcard characters are:

               % -- (percent) -- matches zero or more arbitrary characters,
               _  -- (underscore) -- matches exactly one arbitrary character.

Drop-down lists provide a means of selecting a search value from a list of valid entries. Only values in the list may be used as search parameters. Every drop-down list contains a blank entry. This blank entry can be used to tell the search program to ignore the specific field when performing the search.

This database is maintained by Saskatchewan Ministry of the Economy. To order a complete version of the Saskatchewan Mineral Deposit Index and SMDI locations please contact Deirdre O'Donohoe (306-787-2569;

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